Are you interested in becoming a fisher with Burleigh Bros. Seafoods? Here's how you can.
To sell oysters to us, you need either a lease or a license. Here's how the procedure works:
  1. Obtain and fill out a fisher declaration and the Supplier Quality Assurance Agreement by emailing The declaration has important information such as your SIN number, lease or license numbers, etc.
  2. Contact us at the email above or by calling (902) 831-2349 to ensure that we have you on our pickup list. Our driver will reach out to you to arrange pickups of your product and to supply boxes. Optionally, product may also be dropped off as well.
  3. We will grade your product and assess it as part of our incoming product procedure.
  4. Oyster fishers must pay $50.00 to the PEI Oyster Commodity Group. If you have already paid this fee to another business then you will be reimbursed by the PEI Oyster Commodity Group. Please also hold on to the receipt you receive from us. These fees help the promotion and sustainability of the oyster industry. This fee will be taken off the first payment issued in a given year. This is separate from the membership fee for the PEI Shellfish Association.
  5. We will dispurse payment once per week based on the grade via cheque (sent down with the driver or picked up in-person), direct deposit, or e-transfer.

Some important information regarding harvesting:
  • We reserve the right to refuse to purchase any fish that is dead, unhealthy, of extremely poor quality, or for any other reason.
  • You should regularly check the DFO Shellfish Harvesting Map to ensure that you are not harvesting in a closed area for harvesting. We will refuse to purchase fish from areas that are not open for harvesting.
  • You should take whatever means necessary to ensure the shellfish is not out in direct sunlight or heat for too long. Please store shellfish in a shaded, cooler area if waiting for a pickup.
  • Fishers must not harvest during severe weather.